45 Sadhguru quotes that can change your life - Sadhguru quotes and sayings

45 Sadhguru quotes that can change your life - Sadhguru quotes and sayings

“ Your ability to love, to reach out, and to 

experience life is limitless.

The limitations is only of your body and mind ”

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             “ To many people are hungry not

because there is darth of food.

     It is because there is darth of love and care

in today's world human heart ”


“ A human being is a cosmos by himself.

If you know this one

piece of life absolutely.

You will know everything. You need to know

about existence.

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“ Speeches and slogans will not

change the social situations.

Girl power will happen only through

education, skill development and capacity

building ”

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“ When you mistake your hand 

to be that of the Divine. Either you shall be 

bound by mirages of your mind or 

you shall truly become available

to the beyond. Karmic confusions can make

you into an appearance of delusion.

Karmic clarity can make you the master of

Your destiny.”

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“ As people get more educated and 

complex in their minds, their ability to suffer will

increase, because they can create a 

greater variety of suffering ”

“ The external dimensions of life can bring

you comfort and convenience.

Only the inner dimension can bring fulfilment

for you.”

“ Education should not be about molding children

the way you want them, 

but about supporting their natural longing

to know and blossom.”

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“ If we hatred and violence

against others, oneday, it will 

come back to us.”

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“ If you realise that your life is

100% your responsibility then, there is 

no room for being resentful

toward anyone.”

“ You have to make it sink 

deep into you that you are the source

of your misery, you are the source of your

joy, nobody else, nobody else at all, nothing else

at all but you.”

“ If you think that you are big,

you will become small. If you know that

you are nothing,

You become immense.

This is the beauty of being human.”

“ Challenging times are not necessarily a calamity. There are times when human beings have to rise beyond their limitations

and ride these challenges to become a glorious

generation ”

“ The more you try to be special,

the more you get hurt by others, just be, melt 

and become part of wind and the earth;

become part of everything,

as creation intends.”

“ The most important thing is that

you are alive right now. If you wake up in

the morning, will you give yourself

one big smile?”

“ Whatever you have - your skills, your love,

your joy, your ingenuity, your ability to do things -

please show it now. Do not try to save

for another lifetime.”

“ If you look at yourself as a machine, you 

have brains,

you have a body - but grace is the lubrication.

Without the necessary lubrication, even a great

machine cannot function well.”

“ If you care for people

around you, you must make yourself

into a person they enjoy being with.”

“ Being alive is not

a small thing.

It is the greatest phenomenon

not just on the planet,

but in the whole of the cosmos.”

“ Do not try to fix whatever

comes in your life. Fix yourself in such

a way that whatever comes,

you will be fine.”

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